The ability to track a valuable asset or vehicle of any type such as a car, van, truck, motorhome, coach, building or agricultural plant and equipment can be invaluable to both private individuals and to businesses in managing assets efficiently and reducing running cost such as fuel and insurance in a wide variety of situations.


We utilise a combination of products and services from the leading designers and manufacturers, with whom we are in regular contact to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service at a very economical price.


Individual requirements will vary; however, our vehicle trackers operate using the USA GPS, Russian Glonass and European Galileo satellite systems as well as numerous mobile phone networks so we are able to maximise the tracking of a vehicle or other asset anywhere in the world.


You can view your asset in real time at any time of the day or night on our tracking platform www.pctracking.co.uk and depending upon the tracker used there are numerous features, the most beneficial is perhaps to set a Geofence, useful for being notified if the vehicle is moved unexpectedly outside of a predefined area. Other features include the ability to immobilise a vehicle which is best done while the vehicle is stationary for safety reasons. We also have trackers with a Safe Engine Cut Off system (SECO) to enable the vehicle to be slowly and safely brought to a standstill if it were being pursued by the Police.


For operators of commercial vehicles such as trucks and coaches, we have trackers able to connect to the tachograph to allow automatic downloading of the vehicle and driver card remotely and also the ability to read and transmit Can bus data to assist in preventive maintenance. If these are of interest, please email us so we can check vehicle and tachograph are compatible prior to ordering.


We believe we offer the most comprehensive vehicle tracking service available and with the assistance of our partners will always be able to provide the most effective and cutting-edge solution.